Makeblock Mbot V1.1 Programmable DIY Smart Robot Kit

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What is mBot?

mBot is an all-in-one robot kit for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics and robotics. With the mBlock graphical programming software based on Scratch 2.0, you can wirelessly (Bluetooth or 2.4GHz WiFi) connect with and program your mBot. This easy to assemble mBot kit provides infinite possibilities for your kids to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Simple assembly

The mBot kit can be assembled in 10 minutes. Colour-labelled RJ25 ports make assembling and wiring your mBot a doddle. Making sure more time can be spent on programming and creativity.

Graphical Programming

mBlock drag and drop graphical programming software, is based on Scratch 2.0. This provides a quick way for kids to learn programming, control the robot, and explore the many functions and possibilities of the mBot kit.

Lots of Fun

mBot is all about fun and creativity. It comes with various pre-set options, including obstacle avoidance, line following, remote control. It can also be used in multiple games like balloon bursting, soccer, sumo and many more.

Infinite Extensibility

The mechanical body of the mBot is compatible with the Makeblock platform, while the electronic parts are developed based on the Arduino open source ecosystem. The mBot kit is completely extensible, using the add-on kits and electronic modules.

Free Online Courses

To help teachers, parents or kids get started easier and faster the mBot kit comes with online manuals courses that are regularly updated. Theses tutorials are developed and maintained by teachers specialising in ICT and Scratch 2.0 development.

As well as the courseware Makeblock provide Openlab a creative online laboratory bursting with ideas and projects to challenge you on your robotics engineering journey.

Get started by downloading the free eBooks now at the Makeblock education site

mBlock - Kids Maker Rocks With The Robots

12 chapters to guide children to enjoy programming mBot in game scenes

Scratch 2.0 - The Adventures of Mike

9 chapters to guide children to explore the world of Scratch 2.0 in interactive stories, games and animation.

Ranger Course - The Adventures of Mark

Software and Programming        mBlock (Graphical) Mac, Windows, iPad mBlocky, Arduino IDE

Inputs                                                   Light sensor, button, infrared receiver, ultrasonic sensor, line follower

Outputs                                               Buzzer, RGB LED, Infrared emitting diode, two motor ports

Microcontroller                                 Based on Arduino Uno

Power                                                   3.7V DC lithium battery (Charger on Board) or four 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Wireless controller                          Bluetooth / 2.4GHz wireless Serial - Separate versions

Dimensions                                        17 x 13 x 9 cm assembled

Weight                                                 400g assembled