Makeblock mBot Ranger, three-in-one educational robot kit

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What's mBot Ranger?

mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a three in one STEM educational robot kit which supports different configurations: robot tank, three wheeled racing car and two wheel self-balancing car. The mBot Ranger is easy assemble and easy to program using iPads, tablets or laptops.  

Easy Wiring

The modules in this kit are all equipped with RJ25 ports, which makes wiring the mBot Ranger a doddle. mBot Ranger robots can be built really quickly just by connecting the modules together.

Powerful Mainboard

The mBot Ranger uses the latest Me Auriga mainboard developed based on open-source Arduino Mega 2560. It provides not only 5 on-board sensors, but also 10 extension ports that enable you to add more functions as needed.

Infinite Extensibility

As well as the flexible open source electronics platform the mBot Ranger is fully compatible with Makeblock expansion kits, allowing you to develop more projects or ideas adding Makeblock parts to your Ranger or to explore hundreds of free projects online.

Free Online Courses

To help teachers, parents or kids get started easier and faster the mBot kit comes with online manuals courses that are regularly updated. Theses tutorials are developed and maintained by teachers specialising in ICT and Scratch 2.0 development.

As well as the courseware Makeblock provide Openlab a creative online laboratory bursting with ideas and projects to challenge you on your robotics engineering journey.

Get started by downloading the free eBooks now at the Makeblock education site

mBlock - Kids Maker Rocks With The Robots

12 chapters to guide children to enjoy programming mBot in game scenes

Scratch 2.0 - The Adventures of Mike

9 chapters to guide children to explore the world of Scratch 2.0 in interactive stories, games and animation.

Ranger Course - The Adventures of Mark

  •  Item Weight                                              1.7 Kg
  • Product Dimensions                                27.4 x 22.6 x 9.1 cm
  • Manufacturer recommended age:           12 years and up